Rodin’s The Kiss now on show at Tate


Ah such passionate embrace.
Though to be honest I can’t get very excited about this sculpture but as someone said, its a crowd pleaser. Its now in the foyer of Tate Liverpool and should be there until April 2009.

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin 1901-4 at Tate Liverpool


  1. I think at the time it was made, this kind of intamacy in sculpture, was not very traditional in subject, just based on the sensation of a kiss,
    this, piece would of gone above the conventions of the day,it was down to this kind of work that, helped artists in futcher genarations, to express them selfs more freely.
    Its no wonder the work has less impact today, than when it was first seen, with all the naked sensual imagery, we see every day, its common site.
    But now artists can vomit in a bucket, and exibit it, and call it an expression of how he feels, or a concep’t
    I dont think he was a crowd pleaser, for crowed pleasers are normaly very conventional
    and rodin was no man of tradition or convention, he progrest, the buonderys of traditional, and convention
    ect.. ect

  2. I agree with you Richard. I didn’t mean to deny the historical importance and influence of the work and I meant its a ‘crowd pleaser’ now not then.
    Its just that its an image we’ve seen so many times over the years, seeing the actual thing in the flesh (so to speak) isn’t all that exciting. Though I was rather more excited by some of the almost equally familiar paintings on the first floor close up.

    Please promise me you won’t be vomiting into buckets for your next exhibition!


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