Robert D Davies ‘Vital Energy’ at Albert Dock


Robert D Davies ‘Vital Energy’ at Unit C8 Albert Dock. April 19 to April 27 2008

Rob Davies has taken over one of the units very near Tate Liverpool for a week to show mostly recent paintings in his solo show entitled ‘Vital Energy‘.

You can certainly see the energy in the loosely painted large works on paper which are hanging from the low vaulted ceilings. There are a lot of references to films but they’re not just straight copies of scenes. A man on horseback may be Clint Eastwood but the kids in the foreground are from another genre altogether.

There are also some very nice mounted and framed watercolours of Royden Park near Rob’s home.

After viewing the exhibition artist Terry Duffy commented
“The larger works demonstrate a refreshing talent and immediacy, a strange, edgy contrast between Turner and popular culture.
Its good to see a Liverpool artist and member of Liverpool Artists Network being enterprising organising and arranging their own show at the Albert Dock.”


Talking about the exhibition Rob Davies said:

“I am interested in martial arts such as Aikido and Tai-Chi, which is sometimes called ‘moving meditation’ my work is always going through transitions, but the paintings I have been producing recently have brought together a lot of elements from experiments and explorations in my work over the years along with occasional references to film and T.V. Our eyes have a tendency to jump about, and perhaps film and television has further influenced our perceptions in some way.”

Rob also does murals, portraits and I’m particularly fond of his drawings.
Take a look at his website for more information: