Riverpool and Ferry Boats at Liverpool Academy of Arts

Brave Little Ferry Boats 'Going Home'  - Maria Saunderson
Brave Little Ferry Boats 'Going Home' - Maria Saunderson
Cathy Roberts
Cathy Roberts

The exhibitions at Liverpool Academy of Arts normally only run for two weeks which is often too short for a slow person like me to give them a mention here before they’re over.

There’s still a few days left for you to catch this one and there’s also a book launch on Friday 9th October when will  be signing copies of her book ‘The Brave Little Ferry Boats’.  So if you go on Friday (between 13.00 and 16.00) you can see the original artworks for the book (these are not for sale) which are beautifully crafted colourful, embroidered pictures, meet the author/illustrator and buy a signed copy of the book – very good.

Brave Little Ferry Boats” is the latest children’s book written and illustrated by Wirral textile artist Maria Saunderson. It tells the true story through hand stitched embroideries using the applique technique, of how the Mersey Ferries Daffodil and Iris were awarded the titles Royal Daffodil and Royal Iris after the WW1 battle of Zeebrugge.

The project has taken four years to complete and this will be the first time the original hand embroideries will be seen exhibited together. A small collection of photographs from the battle and items from the era will also be on display, books will be available for purchase.

You can learn more about Maria and her book by visiting Maria’s Web Site .

Also on the nautical theme there’s Riverpool by Peter Grant and Cathy Roberts. Peter has been entertainment writer for the Echo for many years and has also exhibited his drawings and paintings from time to time. For these new works, he has experimented with using correction fluid instead of paint on dark paper. Coincidentally Michael Landy has done the same thing only on a larger scale for his drawings in the Joyous Machines exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Peter’s work are often quite amusing, especially with the accompanying texts and, as the title suggests, are referencing Liverpool and the river.

Cathy actually lives on a boat on the Mersey and is also a storyteller, her soft pastels sea scenes are very nice indeed.

Overall its a good show, plenty to see with the 3 artists of different styles complementing each other.

29 September – 9 October 2009

'Dockers Umbrella'.  Peter Grant
'Dockers Umbrella'. Peter Grant


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