Ringing Banners at Liverpool Cathedral


Ringing Banners – Edward Bruce
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
12.09.2008 – 11.10.2008

So, after reporting the missing bird (again), I had a look at the new art installation inside the Cathedral. Pictured here is one of the two smaller banners, a mere 7 metres. The longer ones are 32 metres and too big to fit in shot and also in an area that’s a bit dark to photograph well.

Quite an impressive sight, smaller artworks can get lost in this enormous place and its good to have a splash of colour without it being overwhelming.

The project brings together the two worlds of bell ringing and weaving in a “total artwork”.

Church bell ringers and weaving technicians have worked with the artist Edward Bruce to produce a “transcription” of bell ringers’ music.


The resulting two 32m and two 7m banners will be displayed inside the tower of the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool throughout Liverpool Biennial 2008 .

The public can take part in the Activity Day on Saturday,11th October, 2008 based on bell ringing, weaving and banner making. Towards the end of October 2008,

The 7m banners will be toured to some of the bell ringing churches in Liverpool, and accompanied by other Activity Days.

Activity Day featuring hands on banner making and bell ringing activities will be held on Saturday 11th October 2008.

For young and old alike, families welcome. Activities lead by artist Edward Bruce and artist and weaver Victoria Haire. 10am – 4pm Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool. FREE