Review – When the City Speaks: The City is a Stage


When the City Speaks: The City is a Stage – Liverpool Exhibition at the South Bohemia Gallery, Liverpool, England, Curated by Jo Derbyshire.
Written by Tony Knox.
Photographs by Tony Knox.
11 August 2007

‘Due to the alternative nature of the space explored and removed from the conventional concepts of a studio or gallery, the spontaneous nature of urban space with a fusion of activities all on the go, the project becomes more one of the concept and experience rather than the end piece produced by each artist. Similar, the art becomes a residue itself and an annotation of the artists experience in this research project of urban space’.

This was the introduction by Jo Derbyshire, the Curator, on the current exhibition at the South Bohemia Gallery on Smithdown Road, Liverpool, England.

There was presented an array of art in eclectic explosion across the walls of the gallery. Each work merged with next forming one large installation. It reminded me of sketch book work and conveyed the experiences of each individual artist through their visual dialogue on art in the urban space. The amalgamation of art moving into the next communicated the journey of the flaneur to have the viewer engaged and explores and dissect each piece of art.

On the night of the private view, Friday 10 August 2007, George Lund provoked an impromptu performance and adopted only his yellow feathery mask, which usually belongs to the rest of Funkadelic suit. He enticed co-artist, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, to spontaneously join him in a dance to the sounds of Bolero by Bizet. They came together to waltz and then moved to gesture to the art on the walls, turning to each other again spun out of the gallery entrance and took the performance into the streets. Eccentric, bewildering, enticing and fun, the onlookers laughed bemused and confounded to the antics of the two artists.

The exhibition has work from many different creative practictioners, such as writers, visual artists, musicians and more. The artists who contributed to this research project were Colin Binns, Claudia Brookes, Sarah Brookes, Peter Carr, David Chalkey, Ingrid Christie, Sarah Cox, Jo Derbyshire, Kate Eggleston-Wirtz, Kofi Fosu, June Rose H, Tony Knox, George Lund, Eddie Lyons, Gaby Malcolm, Steve McKay, Karen McLeod, Elaine Stapleton, Natalie Russell, Lucia Andrea Sweeney, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Andrew Taylor and Peter Worthington.

This exhibition will run from 10th – 22nd August 2007.