‘revealed…’ at Domino Gallery

sportsman c. Brian Jones
Photographs of graffiti on the walls of an old factory might not sound interesting but this is a fascinating story. Photographer Brian Jones was involved in a photographic course in North Wales when, by chance, he came across a former Chemical Weapons factory in Rhydymwyn which had been shrouded in mystery for many years. The huge site is over a mile long and quarter of a mile wide, the building known as the Runcol housed the manufacturing plant for the production of Mustard Gas, otherwise known as Yperite. Some 15,000 tons of the gas were stored in the tunnels dug deep into the nearby limestone ridge.
Of course, there were many spillages and accidents. The working conditions would have been dreadful and hazardous but the workers found time to make sketches, doodles and even calculations on the walls. They give a bit of insight into the kind of people who worked there.
Brian has made a good job of capturing the images and they are well mounted and framed. The pictures are for sale as is a small booklet to accompany the exhibition which runs at Domino until November 26th 2005.