‘Re-collection’ and ‘Elemental 5’ at Lauries Centre

'An Unexpected Gesture' c. Colin Reid

Colin Reid : “Re-collection” Solo Painting
9 November 2009 – 3 January 2010

Angie McCormick “Elemental 5”
23 November 2009 – 31 January 2010

Both at The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead

There are two exhibitions running at the moment in the Lauries Centre in Birkenhead. On the walls are oil paintings by Colin Reid whilst dotted around on plinths are sculptures by Angie McCormick.

We have seen Colin’s work before in local exhibitions, he describes his paintings as ‘incomplete, ‘unfinished’, suggestions of an insignificant event which has passed unnoticed or cannot be fully recalled. They represent lost memories, they are the blackout from a drunken night, a forgotten lover’s kiss, the ending of a blurred dream, the hurt from a distant broken heart.’

That’s a good description I think, you can see more of his work on his website www.creidence.com but, of course, artwork is always best seen in the flesh. Even more so with sculpture such as Angie’s spiralling strips of thin metal which can be viewed from every direction to be fully appreciated. Her largest work is on the upstairs balcony but can be seen from the cafe below.


She says “I am in pursuit of beautiful serendipity.  I crave the perfect curve or twist.  Organic undulations weave through my mind searching for an idea to rest upon.  Grace, beauty and dynamism are the qualities I aspire to. Light is an intrinsic part of my work.  It highlights the forms I create as it glides along the surfaces.”

Elemental 5   c. Angie McCormick
Elemental 5 c. Angie McCormick