Raymond Sinclair and Stephen Collett in the Mocha Lounge

Homage to Lennon and McCartney by Stephen Collett
Homage to Lennon and McCartney by Stephen Collett

A good selection of new works adorn the walls of the Mocha Lounge coffee house in Sir Thomas Street.

Raymond Sinclair and Stephen Collett
at the Mocha Lounge
29 October – 25 November 2009

An exhibition of contemporary paintings by Raymond Sinclair and Stephen Collett. Suffolk born Raymond Sinclair recently graduated from a degree in Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Raymond has always painted while in education and is now pursuing a promising career built on his creative flare.

As an emerging artist; Raymond Sinclair has already had his career well documented having had articles written about him in Photoshop creative and Artists and illustrators magazine. Earlier this year, he showcased a piece of his work in the Bury St. Edmunds Art Gallery and has just returned from his first International exhibition in Frankfurt.

Stephen Collett is working toward a plethora of exhibitions leading up to Christmas to conclude a very busy and exciting year which saw him exhibit paintings in Liverpool, London, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia and Shanghai. Stephen is exhibiting a few of his latest pieces in the show, offering a preview of the eagerly anticipated body of work to come.


Paintings by Raymond Sinclair
Paintings by Raymond Sinclair


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