‘Quite Charming’ – Dick Young at the Cornerstone

Just managed to see the Richard (Dick) Young retrospective at Cornerstone before it finished today and am so glad I did.
I’d heard a lot of good comments about the artist who died in 2003 aged 81 but this is the first time I’ve seen much of his work.
The gallery manager, Jason Jones, needs to be congratulated (again) on managing to gather 46 artworks from the various collectors, owners and friends of Mr Young and assembling such a good show.
Dick Young had been drawing, painting and exhibiting since around 1948 but did not study formally until after retiring from his job as an electrician, he obtained a first class honours degree in his 60s.
There are quite a few portraits, self-portraits and life drawings. The paintings are often of simple things like a chair (chair seems to be his favourite object) or a cat on a roof, a view from a window.
I find it difficult to explain why I think they are so good, they just are. Dick Young was very much part of the Liverpool art scene and a real artist.

‘Quite Charming’ at Cornerstone 27 June to 18 July 2008