Power Plant at Calderstones Park

POWER PLANT. Liverpool, Calderstones Park. 8 – 12 October 2008
19.30 – 22.00 Tickets £3

Deep in the park, as dusk falls, old gramophones spin glittering sounds whilst clicking insects cast vast moving shadows. Haunting whistles rise and fall and luminous balloons breathe gentle sighs. A Victorian glasshouse shudders, and sparkling flowerbeds dance to their own tune….

This is quite fantastic (as in strange, fanciful, bizarre and wonderful)
Its also very difficult to photograph, you need to experience it really, dress for the weather.

powerplantrev-2.jpg powerplantrev-4.jpg

Presented by the Liverpool Culture Company as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture programme, Power Plant takes over the Park for some magical botanical activities in which sound and light are used to create glitchy insects, dramatic weather, mechanical plants and the sound of the earth’s energy. The gardens and greenhouses will be transformed by 20 different installations, and audiences are invited to wander around this mysterious world.

Light Insects clustered 20 feet up in trees utter cicada like sounds, their beautiful moving shadows cast on the ground below. Weather balloons implanted with single note harmonicas, breathe out and re-inflate to conjure a natural organ. Bang, a loud pyrotechnic crack of thunder coincides with a brilliant blaze of lightning that cuts through the trees and bushes. A Kinetic Flowerbed of 150 dainty mechanical flowers spin their rainbow of colours in the English Garden.

At the centre of this special botanical world, the glasshouse becomes a slowly pulsating beacon of light, casting monstrous shadows of foliage and vegetation coupled by deep rumblings from light synthesisers that conjure the subterranean movements of the earth’s crust.