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Portraits of Composers at Philharmonic Hall

brahms-at-phil.jpg"Portraits of Great Composers and Musicians" by Wong Li Xian

Just opened in the bar area of the Philharmonic Hall, these black and white portraits are very well drawn.
They are originals too, not prints, good value.

Wong Li Xian was born in Beijing, China in 1959 and works as a construction engineer/building designer. He devotes his leisure time and passion to drawing portraits of great classical music composers and musicians to satisfy his artistic expression.

Wong has always been very fond of classical music and attends various classical music concerts, holding a pencil in his hand as he listens to the music to capture the image of the musicians.  He emphasises that drawing out the musician’s spirit is more important than creating photo-realistic images. 

Wong believes that pens have power to connect with music and that his works, therefore, have a musical resonance

Portraits include some of the great classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Puccini and Wagner as well as contemporary musicians.

This is Wong Li Xian’s first UK exhibition and is curated by Liverpool-based artist
Xia Lu, featuring 18 portraits created entirely with pens. 

The exhibition runs through to 27th March 2007

All works are available to purchase – £45 each (mounted)

Contact details:
Tel: Philharmonic Hall   0151 210 2895

Contact staff in the Foyer or Box Office in Philharmonic Hall.

Open Monday – Saturday 10.00 ~ 17.30 (or end of concert – whichever is later)

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