Pipilotti Rist at FACT


YourSpaceCapsule230.jpgPipilotti Rist at FACT. 27 June to 31 August 2008

Spent a very pleasant and relaxing 20 minutes or so lying on my back staring at the ceiling in FACT today. Fortunately the floor was well covered with a small mountain of contoured carpets and some delightful video was projected onto the ceiling.
Watching film in this position is interesting in itself but the video (Gravity Be My Friend) is well worth watching from any position and the ambient music with sounds of water, strings and bells is beautiful.
Its all a bit psychedelic, hippy and Utopian and, therefore, really good.

Another beautiful work is in gallery 2 upstairs. ‘Apple Tree Innocent on Diamond Hill’ is made up of 6 metres of tree branches suspended in front of a screen; clear plastic objects hang from the branches and cast silvery shadows onto the wall. Sounds simple – looks brilliant.

Also here ‘Your Space Capsule’ is a miniature room in a wooden crate, a bit like you might see in a doll’s house only far, far more imaginative. Can’t describe it, you have to see it.

Meanwhile in the Media Lounge, there’s ‘The Room’ where you can get some sense of what its like to be a small child struggling to climb onto oversized sofas. Another clever. playful piece.

I’ve been neglecting FACT a bit lately, not their fault, its pressure of work I suppose but I was determined to have a good look at this exhibition before it ends. So glad I did and I’ll be back again before it finishes. Pipilotti’s work is beautiful, clever, fun and still thought-provoking. Can’t ask for much more than that.


AppleTree-230.jpg TheRoom230.jpg