Photos and Sculptures at Liverpool Academy of Arts

graham jenkinson
There are two Yorkshire artists showing at the Academy at the moment. Graham Jenkinson, from Huddersfield, has exhibited here before. He makes sculptures out of reclaimed metal, old boilers, tools, pipes, bolts etc often to quite amusing effect. He normally uses the original shapes of the objects and avoids cutting them up which gives the pieces extra interest I think. Its quite clear for instance that the petals of the large flower are made from old horseshoes. The titles are amusing too, the piece pictured here is ‘Cock a Tool’, there’s a large ‘Scrap Dragon’ and a small sculpture of the Beatles called Fabricated 4. They’re inexpensive, ranging from £20 to £200.
graham lowe.jpg
Graham Lowe
from North Yorkshire worked as a commercial photographer and photography lecturer for many years and now concentrates on his own work and runs his Montage Galleries in that area. There are several black and white prints which all look very good to me, very professional I suppose. Yes, ‘atmospheric’ is an over-used word but these really are. There’s a great one of Lindisfarne which looks really spooky and almost 3D. Also great shots of Dunnator Castle and the usual lakes and mountain scenes with stormy skies.
Graham uses only traditional ‘wet’ darkroon hand-printing methods. I’m not so keen on the composite prints though, like the one pictured here. There are a few of these, its an interesting idea and some work better than others, I like the panoramic one of Langdale, but for some reason he’s surrounded them with bits of red and black typewritten text and other bits and pieces. I find that too distracting and untidy. Also reasonably priced for what are high-quality prints.
‘Chasing Skies and Fractured Landscapes’ photography by Graham Lowe
‘The Final Rust Resurrection’ metal reclamation by Graham Jenkinson
at Liverpool Academy of Art until October 28th 2005.


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