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Photoblog: Liverpool Open Studios 2010, Day 1

Liverpool Open Studios 2010, Saturday 12 June 2010. We had a lovely day touring some of the Liverpool artist studios. Starting at the Bridewell where Sian Hughes showed us how create Cyanotype prints, we’re definitely going to do that again. Sculptor Stephen Hitchin showed us several works in progress and taught us a lot about different types of stone and several other artists kept us so fascinated it was well into the afternoon before we moved onto Ilsa Parry‘s studio. Ilsa had been at a big trade show in London and her product prototypes had not arrived back yet but we heard all the latest exciting news and everything should be on show tomorrow.

Barbecue lunch at the Royal Standard where amongst lots of other things miniature volcanoes where being constructed and erupted then onto Curve and Red Wire which are in adjacent buildings on Victoria street. The new Curve gallery is really nice and the exhibition ‘Curve Gallery Vs Picasso’s Dog‘ is well worth seeing but finishes this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow at the Bluecoat, Garston Art Works, Elevator and Arena. The latter 2 are accessed via the Leaf Tea bar where there is also the Make Sundays art & craft fair.