People and Love and Alex Simpson at the Grange

sarah-nicholson.jpgAnother pleasant Saturday late afternoon at the Grange on Ullet road for the latest exhibition curated by Nicole Bartos. This is on the theme of People and Love and involves 17 artists.

Added interest was provided by the award of 3 prizes. I was one of the judges for the first prize which was awarded to Sarah Nicholson who has a few pieces in the show one of which is pictured here. Visitors to the house also voted for their favourite artist and the winner was Alex Simpson. Then Nicole presented her Curator’s award to Richard Ashworth.

Its an interesting collection of works with quite a few sculptures and design works as well as photography, ceramics and paintings.

Artists: Sue Ironfield, Rosemary Williamson, Alex Simpson, Ilsa Parry, Bev Jennings, Julie Ann Martin, Julian Kimmings, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Sarah Nicholson, Stephanie de Leng, Natalie Rusell, Elaine Stapleton,Tony Kennedy, Nagachoo, Andrea Szöcs, Andras Koncz-Munich.

Also, in one of the rooms is a solo show by Alex Simpson. I really like his assemblages such as those pictured below. Items in various sized wooden boxes with glass fronts, well put together, providing endless food for the curious. He also has metal sculptures and paintings on show.

Exhibitions ‘People and Love’ and Alex Simpson at the Grange April 12 to May 3 2008


alex-simpson-2.jpg alex-simpson-1.jpg