Paradise Stories at Renew and International


Its true, you do have to move carefully, we witnessed one tree topple over just from the breeze caused by a passing visitor. Its delicate but there’s lots of it, with a house and real flowing water feature too. Lots of strange animals with cute faces. This was the first part of Kai-Oi Jay Yung‘s ‘Paradise Stories’ at the Renew Rooms in Wood St.

paradise-2.jpg paradise-3.jpg

At 20.00 some 20 of us were instructed to go and stand in various places around the ropewalks and stand back-to-back and gaze ahead for 5 minutes. This was for Kaspar Wimberley’s ‘Line of Sight’. We did as we were told it was freezing cold so we were glad to move onto the next location which was the International Gallery in Slater st. Here we saw the other commissioned artworks.

paradise-4.jpgBy this time tiredness and cold had numbed my brain, I’ll have to revisit the place but I do recall seeing John Brady having the outline of his shadow painted onto the wall. You are welcome to do likewise in Chong Boon Pok’s ‘Nice to Meet You’ shadow tracing event. It will be interesting to see how the walls look after several days of painting at the end of the exhibition here on March 21 2008.

Paradise Stories at Renew Rooms Mar 4 – 28 and International Mar – 21 2008