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Pablo de Lillo at View Two

Independents-logo-150Pablo de Lillo
at View Two Gallery
7 – 30 October 2010

Spanish artist Pablo de Lillo uses drawing, painting, sculpture or collage to develop his work of shaped formal presence and symbolic ambiguity in a calculated installation that enhaces the dialogue between the work and the viewer.

Along with the Stuckists and Chaosmos this show ends on Saturday 30 October and is well worth a look. The installations and drawings look quite architectural.

Modernism is for him  a huge store where he finds to take parts and pieces for his artistic bricolage. His objects and artifacts or drawings  dont  talk the utopian language of the pioneers, as they look much more like fragile and isolated words of a discontinued language .

Made of aluminium, fibreglass, cardboard or wood, his work adopts the form of an old modernist style building in south america or  becomes a handmade replica of a bauhaus famous chair devored by mass production and middle class taste.

Revisiting the objects, buildings or artworks of our disillusioned past is the way Pablo de Lillo questions  our complex present . His domestic scale works surround us like everyday objects, but its useles condition makes this aproach sometimes a disturbing experience althoug the elegance of its formal language.”