Open Eye, SLAG, LAA and Kif

I thought that once the Biennial was over things would be very quiet. Not so. I visited four new exhibitions today and there’s more starting in the next few days.

‘Sleeping By The Mississippi’ Alec Soth at Open Eye

To quote from the literature ‘In the winter of 1999, Alec Soth undertook a road trip. Beginning by the frozen waters of north Minnesota, he travelled along the trail of the Mississippi River through to its end in Louisiana. Over the next five years he regularly travelled this route, all the while photographing the life and landscape along this mythical rivers journey through the heart of America.
There are 20 large (or very large) colour photographs, I think the one shown here is my favourite. I’m not a big fan of photo documentary things – motel rooms, gas stations, sad/weird people in their sad/weird living rooms etc. I find them a bit depressing and unoriginal but a lot of these do seem ‘fresh’ for want of a better word.

South Liverpool Arts Group Annual Exhibition

This is in the Nave of the Anglican Cathedral until Sat. Dec 11th. Its the usual amateur offering – landscapes, seascapes, portraits of pets etc. Some very nice pastels, I like pastels.

‘Sue Lee – A Celebration’

At Liverpool Academy of Arts until Dec 10th. Sue Lee has been an artists model for many years and been drawn, painted and sculpted by many people. The curator has somehow managed to gather a lot of the output to display it here. Sue is a large woman and is portrayed in just about every way you can think of, some flattering some not so.

Jonny Nettles and Shelly Turner at the Kif

A small exhibition of Shelley Turner’s photographs of groups such as Polyphonic Spree, Tramp Attack and Goldfrapp and Jonny Nettles’ painted portraits some of which have toys like tiny music boxes (which you can play) around them.


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