One Step Forward, One Step Back at Liverpool Cathedral


Its good that we don’t suffer from a fear of heights. Having spent lunchtime on the 34th floor of Beetham Towers, this evening we were on top of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Tower – that’s 101 metres with more great views. This trip (involving 2 lifts and 108 stairs) was just part of ‘One Step Forward, One Step Back‘ by the dreamthinkspeak theatre company and commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company.

I can’t really say too much about it without spoiling it for those who want to go but I will say that its fantastic and definitely worth going to see before it finishes on May 10 2008.

Starting from 19.00 people are directed round in small groups at 5 minute intervals. You go up and down lots of stairs, along dark corridors and into rooms and spaces that the public would never normally see. On the way you meet various performers or some you see from afar, see some fascinating installations and hear soothing soundworks.

There’s no images available, photography is not allowed (except from the rooftop) because, again, it would spoil the element of surprise. The whole journey takes about an hour, do take your time, if you rush you might miss something.

ONE STEP FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK is a response to our increasingly secularised world of global economy where material growth supersedes spiritual growth. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, the piece will respond uniquely to the host venue’s interior, whilst looking externally to the City beyond, asking the question: What is Paradise?


Tickets cost £12 (£8 concessions – including 08 card holders) but a trip up the tower normally costs over £4 anyway.

Remember this is the year of ‘Do something different’. This fits the bill perfectly but if you have problems with steps or heights it could be a problem.

For a more detailed review see David Lloyd’s piece on
or Lyn Gardner’s 4 star review for the Guardian

‘One Step Forward, One Step Back’ by dreamthinkspeak. Commissioned by Liverpool Culture Company. At Liverpool Anglican Cathedral April 7 to May 10 2008