Friday, September 29, 2023
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One Day Exhibition at Ann Fowler House


A few days ago we went to see a delightful show of art and craftwork by residents of Ann Fowler House in Liverpool. It’s amazing how creative and skillful people are, often without ever realising it before.

The exhibition was the result of several weeks activities organised by Alice Lenkiewicz who said

“As an animateur, it has been my job to initiate them into creative projects and help them push ahead. Over the last eight weeks, I have been helping them to get into creative thinking and try and aim to produce some works. It hasn’t been easy but they have worked hard and produced an array of arts and crafts; some have learnt to weave and knit. Some have created flowers, crochet, painting and assemblage items. All the items are their own work and will hopefully provide a beginning for bigger projects in the future. Most of them have a lot of problems and have not done anything like this for years. I am very proud of the fact that they have made such an effort.”