Off Centre Arts Group at CUC

Elena Skensberg
Elena Skensberg

A very fine end of year exhibition by Liverpool Community College Fine Art Foundation degree students in their final year. All very different but what does show through is the effort that has gone into not only the individual works but the determination to put on a really good overall show, I really enjoyed it, finishes this Friday 18 June.

Artists: Maxwell Hornby, Chrissie Coleman, Jennifer Welch, Emma Parkes, Martin Tasker, Ebrahim Ashour, Elena Skensberg, Mike Rickett, Jean Rudge, Jessie Quirk, Becky Johnson, Lynne Forsyth, Sarah Stones.

Off Centre Arts Group, Liverpool Community College Final Year Show
at CUC
10 – 18 June 2010

Mike Rickett and Jennifer Welch

Lynne Forsyth
Lynne Forsyth


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