News from Artistic Republic of Garston

From the Garston Embassy…

1. Exhibition Preview next Friday at the New Slaughterhouse.
2. Call For Volunteers – Saturday and Sundays – Join the revolution.
3. Volunteers needed to support a programme of community workshops July- August (CRB checks essential)

The Artistic Republic of Garston

You are Invited to a Preview and Launch Of ‘Made In Garston’
And Creative Cargo Exhibition

Friday 27th June 2008 5pm till 9pm

The Exhibition aims to promote and raise the profile of Garston creatives and its Cultural Industries and increase public awareness and appreciation of local talent.

For Further Information contact Mavis on 427 9995

New Slaughterhouse
48-50 St Mary’s Road
Garston Village
Liverpool L19
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 1-5 pm


The Artistic Republic of Garston Needs You

Garston declared independence in May and installed a president.

Man The Barricades
Volunteers and ambassadors are needed to man the Embassy

Saturday and Sundays in Wellington Street
the Building is open Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 5pm.

Get Your very own Garston Passport
Passports still available from The Embassy and the New Slaughterhouse Gallery
Bring a Passport Photo

Uniforms Provided

Contact Alex Corina or Mavis on 0151 427 9995 (Tuesday to Saturday 1pm To 5pm)

Volunteer Artists/Creatives
July – August Community Art and Craft Workshops
In The Garston Embassy

Calling all Graduates/Students/Artists/Crafts Persons

Garston Cultural Village would love to work with you

Contact Mavis or Alex On 0151 427 9995