New Year’s Revolution at FACT

fact-balloons.jpg fact-junk-band.jpg

Hot air balloons float up to the glorious blue skies against the white backdrop of the FACT building as musicians play on an outdoor stage and free food is served from stalls.
Sounds like a summer festival but this is January 12th 2008 and its FACT‘s ‘New Year Revolution’ timed to coincide with the official launch of 2008 Capital of Culture here in Liverpool. So far everything has gone very well indeed and FACT was buzzing with families involved in the Hot Air Balloon workshop and the Hope Street Project’s audio work (look out for that one during the Biennial).

Also the Jump Ship Rat Musical Milk Float was parked outside and a Junk Band from LIPA were making music from old bits of junk whilst singing and dancing.
I enjoyed the free veggie curry too provided L’s Kitchen. More please.