Neko – ‘This is Hypersoma’

Neko - Hypersoma-1‘I am Neko – This is Hypersoma’ at Unit 14, 36 Seel St. Neko (= ‘cat’ in Japanese) isn’t his real name, its his handle or tag or whatever that he has used since graduating a few years ago. This is Neko’s studio that he has decided to turn into an artwork for about a month. Pink and yellow are obviously his favourite colours at the moment, Soma is the drug that features in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. It has a mellowing influence but Neko’s Hypersoma seemingly has a much more chaotic effect.

You will know by now that as a rule I like things neat and tidy but as a one-off work of art I’m quite happy with this.

There is a lot going on and there is just enough room for one or two people to enter the room where you feel like you are inside the work. Neko - Hypersoma-2Chairs, tables and ladders are taped together at odd angles and heights, there’s a projector and monitors showing various graphics and very loud music to heighten the senses as well. Hundreds of drawings and printed illustrations are hanging from floor to ceiling and covering the corridor leading to the studio.
Always nice to see an artist putting on a show in their own studio, definitely worth a visit. Make an appointment by emailing Neko at or phone 07788 806 112