Neil Reddin: Response 0.1 at CUC

Photos by Minako Jackson

in the ground floor gallery at CUC
15 January – 6 February 2011

This first, solo exhibition by Neil Redddin ends this weekend. Worth a look if you can. The individual works are interesting with all kinds of media involved but all the pieces together works as an installation too.

Response 0.1 is intended to act as a social commentary reflecting on themes such as system theory and the corporate contract. Within these varied themes the artist explores emotive subjects such as isolation and loss, as well as making specific reference to containment and social conditioning.

Observations have been made from critical point of view at corporate responsibility, corporations driven by ulterior motives and self interest which act as a catalyst for division and marginalisation within a sociological framework.

“ One of the major aims of the exhibition is to make a number of statements through visual language which comments upon some of our present realities, hidden agenda’s and hidden menaces.”

A combination of approaches and concepts are used by the Artist as a metaphor for contemporary existence which attempts to identify some of the complexities of the human condition within the ever increasing constraints of modern society. Hard edged geometric design, assemblage and the inclusion of the readymade are incorporated with haunting imagery which evokes a sense of chaos or even terror. Reddin reveals that the underlying theme of the work has an inert darkness which is both complicated and unsettling.




  1. Cool Show! – Some Great pieces which all seemed to work together –
    Really enjoyed it…. Worth a visit


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