Nebula Collective (Liverpool Community College) at Muse


This group of 11 students from Liverpool Community College have put together an excellent graduation show in the old Arena Studios building in Duke Street.

The Group, who call themselves the Nebula Collective, have been studying Fine Art for two years and the exhibition is intended to be a showcase for their latest work before they embark on a career in Liverpool’s thriving Art scene or go on to complete a BA honours for one year in Fine Art at Hope University.

To be honest, I was surprised at just how good it is. There’s some really interesting projects such as Kate Fitzmaurice’s study of the demise of working class pubs with images of many painted onto beer mats complete with an old pub table and stool. Jodie Mellor’s works relating to young motherhood is also interesting as is Zahava Wilksberg’s collection of small 2D works incorporating found objects and I’d like to see more of Paul Hadden Deering’s paintings of his dreams. But they’re all good, try to see it before it finishes on the 18th.

The Nebula Collective – Liverpool Community College Fine Art Degree Show
10 -18 June 2009
‘The Nebula Collective’ Liverpool Community College Fine Art Foundation Degree Show takes place at M-USE (the old Arena Studios building) in Duke Street.
Artists: Jodie Mellor, Ruth Edwards, Zahava Wilksberg, Kate Fitzmaurice, Luciana Mercer, Jamie Maxfield, Tom Coulter, Sam Capper, Jane Kennedy, Andi Taylor, Paul Hadden-Deering



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