Natures Forms at Calderstones Park


More lovely paintings from Joel Bird are on show for this week only in the Coach House Gallery in Calderstones Park.

Not all birds this time, there are some but there are also new landscapes including a series of 4 paintings of Joel’s allotment in London. He’s taking some of these works over to the renowned Tyme Gallery, Philadelphia next month, his third exhibition there in 3 years.

‘Natures Forms’ Joel Bird at The Coach House, Calderstones Park
15 – 21 February 2010

For this exhibition Joel focuses more on our harmony with the natural world. The works show landscapes and people interacting with their environments. The lines of flux and flow are an attempt to reconcile our duality as nature has.

“I visualize magnetic fields, knots in wood or water erosion in rock. To me they also represent how our subconscious relationship with our memories and feelings determine how we see the present moment.  “

c. Joel Bird
c. Joel Bird
c. Joel Bird
c. Joel Bird


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