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‘N-FUSED’ Student Exhibition at JMU

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‘N-FUSED’ JMU Fine Art 2nd years Gallery Practice at 2A Myrtle Street building. March 13 – 16 2007

I think this is the last of this Spring’s batch of 2nd yrs practices and instead of the usual venue of 68 Hope St its in the Myrtle St wreck. Despite or maybe partly because of the different location I think this is one of the best.

There are 10 artists in this one and there’s a few clever ideas like Emily Toft’s series of coloured mixed media pictures of flowers alongside black and white ones and Henry Finney‘s drawings using yellow pencil on brown paper (pastel paper it looks like) resulting in a sort of photo negative effect (my pics here don’t do them justice)

Virginia Chandler has moulded latex and marigold gloves into familiar shapes, at least it looks familiar, I’m too innocent to be sure. Marcus Rogers has drawn lines with pencil onto large sheets of chipboard in such a way that it looks like the board has been cut into – a clever illusion (or maybe it really was cuts, I still can’t be certain)

Other artists – Andrew Wilson, Kalayne Wren, Penny JR Murphy, Anna Sterling, Caroline Bridie Gower and Johanna Burrell.

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