1. Wow this mural is amazing… you can’t put a price on this sort of quality artwork! I have bought a few pieces through http://www.whatsart.co.uk and I have found Paul to be immensely professional and accommodating, and I am a big fan of the works he has done for me! Thanks Paul – keep up the great work! (great prices too!!!)

  2. Paul Holman
    It sucks when somebody passes off someone else’s artwork as their own, and that’s just what you’re doing here.

    You can’t be very confident about your own work or else you wouldn’t use someone else’s. Is your work really so bad that you can’t advertise with it? If so then you’re in the wrong business. Oh.. I’ve just checked your site, and I see your problem.

  3. Hello Paul

    Thank you very much for dealing with the copyright issue, I understand your reasons now and I’m sorry if I was a bit rude – it’s just when it comes to copyright, passing off others’ work as their own is the one thing that gets my goat.

    Best wishes to you in the future



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