Murals in the Littlewoods Bunker

littlewoods mural
Hundreds of feet below the splendid ‘art deco’ style Littlewoods building in Edge Lane are bunkers where the workers sought refuge during the air raids of the second world war. Now that Urban Splash are going to redevelop the site (apartments, hotel, the usual stuff) there is the inevitable campaign to save the bunkers or at least the pictures that people painted onto the walls.
I’m afraid I’m not so sentimental myself. What and how people illustrated in such situations and difficult times is mildly interesting and should be recorded and documented yes. But I don’t subscribe to the idea that just because something is old it should be preserved for ever. You could argue that Banksy‘s stencil graffiti art is of great historical importance as it is his response to the pressures and stresses of 21st century life so we should hang on to the derelict buildings on which he has painted his rats.

More pictures on the Daily Post website


  1. I disagree with Ian’s sentiments. My parents met whilst working for the Censorship during the Second World War, based at the Littlewoods Building. The drawing illustrated looks remarkably like my father!
    Don’t forget something that’s only “mildly interesting” to you might be part of someone else’s family history.


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