Mothman: The Comic Book


Mothman The Comic Book : Tony Knox, Anna McDade ,Katie Hanratty
Now -25th December 2008

A Limited edition of Three hundred issues of Mothman Comic book have been released as part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial and distrusted in selected gallery’s throughout Liverpool and the Kyotobar, Architectural Gallery, Köln in connection with eight days a week. This free preview issue zero is also available as a downloadable comic book only available now until 25th December 2008.

The mothman a tragic dysfunctional hero that would save you if he could only save himself …
Artist Tony Knox developed the pseudo hero Mothman in 2004, inspired by comic books and a fascination of moths this hero was born, This nomadic being appears though various locations through out the world creating a sense of Mystery where did he come from, Why did he appear like a apparition at Pyramids in Egypt, then the streets of Köln to the abandoned Garden festival site in Liverpool to the centre stage of a wrestling ring and is Harry Hill the mothman?

One of the factors that has inspires Knox art is the desire to tell a story to finally give a insight into who the character is and show it’s origins. An important factor to the success of this collaboration was giving a lose narrative, Wirral based Katie Hanratty illustrations brought a freshness by stamping her own style on her pages, Anna McDade a multimedia artist set the scenario where mothman was sitting on the angle of the north only to be accidentally joined by a farther for justice planned protest.

Grab your copy while you can or download or view online.


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