‘Miscellany’ By Elizabeth Willow

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‘Miscellany’ by Elizabeth Willow at ‘The Husk’ (basement) Carlisle Buildings, 67-69 Victoria Street, Liverpool until July 8th 2007

Enter the world of Elizabeth Willow. The building itself is well suited to her works, its the old red-brick monstrosity opposite the modern monstrosity of Millennium House. Its adorned with ugly gargoyles and large black wrought iron gates. Find the small white bell for the basement and you half expect Igor the butler to open the creaking door but thank goodness its the beautiful Elizabeth in her familiar antique clothing with wicker basket over the arm.

Follow the trail of flowers down the dark stairs – visitors are reminded that you do so at your own risk – but its not too hazardous, just old and flakey.

The basement is quite large and Elizabeth has spent months cleaning it up and installing her fantastic installation. If you are at all familiar with her work you will have some idea what to expect and you will of course be keen to see this exhibition (so go now – you’ll be sorry if you miss it), if not then its difficult to describe, you need to experience it.

There’s lots of bits of trees, dried flowers, stones and a multitude of found objects all carefully arranged to excite the senses.

miscellany /mi’selәni/ n 1 a mixture of various things

an exhibition of old and new work by elizabeth willow

an assortment, an array, a selection, a medley, a mélange, a jumble, a gallimaufry,
a potpourri, a ragbag, a concoction

a heartfelt and self-indulgent collection of things found and created

opening times
thursday 5th july
friday 29th june & 6th july
saturday 30th june & 7th july
sunday 1st & 8th july
1 o’clock – 6 o’clock pm