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‘Metamorph’ at The Albert Dock

morph-1.jpg morph-2.jpg

I called into Unit 15 at Albert Dock colonnades last week. From the outside there doesn’t look like a lot going on but its an interesting little exhibition called Metamorph.

Long strands of different coloured fishing wire have been stretched across the space, there are lumps of plaster which have been eroded and shaped by water from the Albert Dock itself and clay has been stuck to one of the pillars and left to fall off bit by bit as it dries out.

A group of Artists from Stoke-on-Trent spent a week in the space producing collaborative work that was a reaction to both the space and the surrounding environment. Their aim was to allow the viewer to see the working process of a group of artists as well as the final exhibition.

The show is open 10.00 – 17.00 daily until Sunday 12th of August 2007. Participating artists are their each day to talk to visitors.

Artists: Karen Boulton, Rie Suto, Chris Wright, Liz Wroe