David Boal
David Boal

I don’t think I had seen David Boal’s work before but I really like it, especially the larger more colourful ones, some of which were inspired by a recent trip to Nepal. You can see the peaks of Annapurna in the painting below.

Some feature Duke Street where David would take his art pupils as it was a good source of inspiration (but less so now, he says)

David has had a long history of teaching art in Liverpool. Since his retirement he has had time to develop his own work and this is his first exhibition displaying this body of work.

The small collages are also very nice and David plans to create larger versions from some of them.

Memories of Place, Colour and Shape
11 December 2009 – 16 January 2010

An exhibition of paintings and collages by David Boal at Gostins

David Boal
David Boal


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