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Meet Me At Sunset 2010 – Gallery4allarts, Lark Lane


Independents-logo-150“Meet me at Sunset 2010”
Until 27th November 2010
Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1 & Gallery 2,
Closing event: 27th November 2010, 3pm-5.00pm

Curator’s tips and impressions on the exhibition:

This exhibition calls and releases a special energy, allows creativity to glow under a sunset atmosphere.

Artists showcase their works in two small galleries of Gallery4allarts.

In Gallery 2, along Fanchon Frohlich’ s abstract canvases, entitled ‘Tianenmen Square 5’ and 6, depicting ‘Death’ as an symbolic interpretation of  ‘Sunset’, Jaqueline Mckenzie’ s works (manipulated digital prints on acrylic) stage mystical and dramatic landscapes after sunset, in fact, she casts the moon shadow over lakes and remote woodland. Among these, Josephine Jennings’ oil paintings, induce a moving perspective with ‘Landscapes with wall 1 and 2’ where under gorgeous skies, the stillness of a ‘wall’, suddenly turns into a moving train and the painting ‘echoes’ the sound of a fast train.

Japanese artist, Nagachoo, while through his oil painting depicts ‘Goodness’/ ‘Tykanbee’ in Japanese hiragana writing, introduces his new energetic and floating ‘circle spirits’ and a dream sequence by using his wellknown technique: a combination of traditional phyrography technique and Japanese ink on wood.

Further, you meet up with ‘Raindrops in the Morning rain’ by artist Nicole Bartos, where traditional and experimental painting  techniques on paper, reveal colour intensity under a coat of wax , that not just seals but extends space, dimension and invites in the ‘tactile’ sense.

Aligned  on the floor, stand digital photographs of walking ‘Shadows’, in glowing sunsets and sunny days, again by Nicole Bartos.

Gisele Nzolameso’s video performance ‘Dance of Hope’ is delightfully filmed from  a close and an above perspective, and though only presented on a small monitor, has a strong impact as you walk in the gallery.

Bartos’ s ‘Capturing threads of Light’ cycle of canvases is showcased in the front room of Gallery 2, and invites audience to meditate on this allusive idea of peacefulness through colour.

In Gallery 1, Neil Physaclklea’s abstract ceramics are exhibited along, Daniel John’s paintings and Nicole Bartos’s ‘Rhythms: Sequencies from Sunrise to Sunset”,  forming a musical harmonic line.

Opposite Italian artist’, Ada Villa,  ‘Untitled’ painting, expressing loneliness and renounciation or failed communication, the abstract canvas ‘Collective Phenomena’ by Fanchon Frohlich and Nagachoo (Japan), welcomes the audience arriving in this gallery. Below, Terry Sullivan’s collagraphs stand out with uniqueness and abstract meaning.

These are just a few of the works on show. Join us for a full perspective until the 27th of November 2010.

Featuring painting, mixed media, digital photography, ceramics, video performance and installation, from artists based in Liverpool, Luton, Nottingham and International artists from Italy, Japan. Curator Nicole Bartos/ Gallery4allarts.

Exhibiting ARTISTS: Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Frohlich (Collective Phenomena), Josephine Jenkins, Daniel John, Patrick Lawson, Jaqueline Mckenzie, Christopher Muotoh, Richard Ashworth, Terry Sullivan, Sue Ironfield, Neil Phyzacklea, Patrick Higgins,  Nagachoo (Japan), Ada Villa (Italy), Juan delGado – Cremer projects (London),  Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy), The Cutting Room (Nottingham), Gisele Nzolameso (Luton), Carmen Cristian (South Africa).

Curator: N. Bartos/ Gallery4allarts
Text by N. Bartos/ Gallery4allarts

Please note:
Part of the exhibits have been donated by the artists towards the SMLLCA Charity fundraising for a new Minibus. ( There will be an auction after the end of this show on Sunday 28th November 2010, 7.30-8.00pm, at the rear of The Old Police Station, in the Youth Club, where the last ‘Acoustic Sunday’ will take place 8pm-10pm. For more information please, contact the Gallery.

The Old Police Station
80 Lark Lane
Liverpool, L17 8UU

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