Maywa Denki at FACT and my new toy

denki-150.jpgMissed the Lord Mayor’s parade through Liverpool last Saturday, we saw the crowds waiting but had to dash to FACT to see the talk/performance by Maywa Denki in the Box there.

As we arrived they were setting up their table of merchandise in front of the shop. They were all wearing the distinctive light blue uniform typical of those worn by staff in the electrical goods stores in Japan.

The talk by the President of Maywa Denki, Nobumichi Tosa, was entertaining and informative. He stressed that he is an Artist first, then he puts his ideas into books, CDs, DVDs. Exhibitions, Fashion and Goods – so that’s the ABCDEFG of Maywa Denki. He doesn’t believe he could afford to live as an artist alone, its only by creating the objects and marketing them and performing that the company can survive.

We came away with a couple of the Knockman series of nonsense machines but I would love to own a bitman. Hopefully they’ll be back at FACT sometime in the future for a more lengthy performance.