Max Eden at University of Liverpool

max edenThe Max Eden Retrospective opened last night in the Senate House foyer of Liverpool University so I took a quick look before moving onto Urban Coffee. Eden graduated from the Liverpool School of Art in 1951, before studying abroad, first at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, and subsequently at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen. He returned to the North West in 1960, and taught for the next twenty five years at the Southport College of Art.
So he has built up a large body of work over that period and there are 30 pieces here, mostly oil on canvas. Pictured here is one of a series of paintings (the original is in colour) on the dancing theme: ‘Quick Step’, ‘Latino’, ‘Twist Step’, ‘Come Dancing’ etc. all painted in the 1990’s.
I prefer his earlier work, in fact the first one ‘Man in space’ (1964) and a large canvas at the end of the room entitled ‘Topiary’ (c1970) is a simple but effective picture of 3 shrubs shaped into wine glasses which have a lovely green glow.
Runs until November 25th 2005 and Max Eden will be giving a talk on his life and work on October 19th.


  1. It’s nice to haer that Max is alive and well. He taught me art at Southport in the mid-80s.

    A reminiscence caused me to check on Max – I may pop to see the retrospective. Shame I missed his talk, would really have enjoyed it – he had some great stories way back when. Keep up the good work Max.

  2. He was at the opening but I didn’t speak to him. He was looking a bit frail, sitting down holding a walking stick but seemed well enough.
    I completely forgot about the talk (I always forget about talks, perhaps I don’t like them 🙂

  3. Max has definitely improved since I first saw his work in 1950 in Liverpool. We were both members of the Beaux Arts Club in Catherine Street.
    I predicted a future as a sculpture.

  4. I was a student at Southport from 1959-60 and remember Max Eden very well. He was an inspirational and dynamic teacher! Big and bearded with a larger-than-life presence.
    I was only 15 when I started at the college having come over from Canada. When my parents moved South at the end of my first year (Prelims)I had to go too. I was extremely sad and going on to Guildford Art School did not hold a candle to the teaching or atmosphere of Southport.
    I also remember David Harrison, Mr Critchley, Monty Sirota, the principle Mr Ratcliffe and Mrs Evans (fashion).
    I eventually trained for theatre and worked as an actress and now as a drama coach and director.
    Greetings to Max Eden, all the above-mentioned and the terrific band of students! Jo. aka Joanie


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