Martin Greenland – ‘New Fiction’ at the Cornerstone

Martin Greenland with his painting 'Playground'. Photo c. Minako Jackson


Independents-logo-150Martin Greenland:  ‘New Fiction’  at Cornerstone Gallery, 18 September – 12 November 2010
Review © Gayna Rose Madder 2010

Martin Greenland, winner of John Moores Prize 2006 with ‘Before Vermeer’s Clouds’, has a new exhibition, ‘New Fiction’ which has just opened at the Cornerstone Galleryas part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial.

This is an exceptional exhibition which really has to be seen. The detail is immaculate but also each painting has an atmosphere of its own. ‘Northumberland before and after – 3’ is at first glance dark, brooding and rather forbidding. But then – a space beside the huge foreground tree, leading to some unknown, secret yet somehow inviting place behind it, starts to draw the observer inward – then, suddenly, lots more details come to light.

Some titles are ironic – ‘Playground’ perfectly captures some rather neglected allotment spaces. The paintings featuring rocks and cliffs are so realistic they are almost three-dimensional. The idyllic, innocent-looking countryside scenes each hide a different reality which only comes to light on close inspection.

The beautiful Cornerstone Gallery space really suits this exhibition. because of the large scale of some of the paintings, it is possible to view them from a distance, affording the perspective they need; but it is also possible to obtain a completely separate take on the works close up.

Exhibition runs from 18th September  – 12th November 2010 at Cornerstone Gallery, 17 Shaw St, Liverpool L6 1HP. Tel: 0151 291 3997.  Opens: 9am – 5pm Monday – Sunday (during this exhibition, normally Mon-Friday).

Martin Greenland is also exhibiting in South Korea in a joint show involving past prize winners of the John Moores Prize. At the end of November he exhibits at Art Space Gallery / Michael Richardson Contemporary Art in Islington, London.

Martin Greenland 'The Flood'
Martin Greenland 'The Flood'