Mark Willcox – Liverpool Urban

Liverpool Urban by Mark Willcox
Liverpool Urban by Mark Willcox

Keep a look out for these artworks if you’re travelling on the Merseyrail network. Mark Willcox’s exhibition is actually part of the Independents Biennial but it started towards the end and continues until 31 January 2011. There are currently 12 different images at 30 locations, some stations have just 1 or 2 but I spotted 8 in the Lime Street underpass.

Test from Mark Willcox’s website:

Liverpool Urban

Continuating his association with Merseyrail, which began in 2008, Mark Willcox created the artworks in this gallery in city centre railway stations in Liverpool.  Alongside artworks showing the familiar vibrancy, dynamics and colour of the human throng, he is now also presenting work with a new mood created in the underground pedestrian tunnel between Water Street and James Street station.  With colour stripped back and an emphasis more on environment than on human presence, the tunnel becomes fascinating; it conveys a mystique that seems to arise from its  atmospheric and spatial qualities, stirring the imagination and evoking ideas of a gateway to other parallel fictional worlds. The artworks are currently being exhibited at 30 selected locations in the Merseyrail railway station network until 31st January 2011, as part of the Liverpool Independents 2010 Festival of Contemporary Art.

Mark Willcox is sponsored by Merseyrail

Merseyrail Locations: Aintree, Fazakerley, Kirkby x 2, Old Roan, Ormskirk, Hamilton Square x 2, Orrell Park, James Street x 2, Moorfields x 2, Birkenhead North, Birkenhead park, Moreton, Hoylake, Liverpool Central: Wirral Platform x 2 & Northern Platform x2, Lime St Underpass x 8

Liverpool Urban by Mark Willcox
Liverpool Urban by Mark Willcox



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