Manga in Manchester


Travelled to Manchester yesterday, my first time outside of Merseyside since December 2007!
Still can’t keep away from the galleries though. One purpose of the visit was to see the exhibitions at Urbis, especially the Manga one but we started at the top of the building and worked our way down (as recommended).

So after a brief look at the Matthew Williamson ‘Ten Years in Fashion’ on the 3rd floor we really enjoyed the Urban Gardening show on the 2nd floor.

This exhibition aims to encourage us to ‘green the city’ so there’s real plants everywhere, growing in containers of all kinds including on the roof of one of the many sheds. There’s a small allotment growing spinach, artichokes etc. and examples of planting in offices, living rooms and kitchens. Very good, I’m inspired, I will get some plants for this place soon, honest.


So to the first floor and ‘How Manga Took Over the World‘ I did enjoy this, I do like Manga but I’m not sure this told me how it took over the world. Perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention but it seemed very short of real information about the history, methods, main artists etc.


The area is divided into sections: Cute, Action, Art, Communication and Adult and there’s an area showing videos. Of course, there’s many examples of merchandise, there’s plenty of books and mags to look through. Also merchandise in Urbis shop on the ground floor.

Good but could be better.