Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Manchester International Festival – Where’s The Art?

So the MIF has been and gone and I missed the whole thing. It sounded like quite a good idea early on – a festival of all new work. But there was little if any fine art, there was music and, er, more music.
The more press releases I got (loads) the more disinterested I became, the only nod to art was the ‘Il Tempo Del Postino‘ at the Opera House in which artists had to present their work in some way to the audience. I thought about going to this but am so, so glad I didn’t. By all accounts I’ve read there were a few good bits but it was mostly rubbish, with the final act involving a wanking bull, urinating naked women and a man with a live dog on his head, was rubbish with animal cruelty and exploitation of women thrown in for good measure.

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It certainly wasn’t all new either. Festival performers included Lou Reed, The Fall, PJ Harvey, Bert Jansch, Beth Orton, Happy Mondays.. So New = Old has-beens apparently. Did they perform all new stuff? Of course not and if they did it would surely sound just like their old stuff.

There’ll be another MIF along in 2 years, hope its better next time.
Thankfully there was the ‘Not Part of Manchester International Festival‘ group of overlooked artists to put on a lot of their own exhibitions and performances.