Manchester Art Show 2005

I went to Manchester today to catch the final day of the Manchester Art Show at the MICC GMEX. Nice to see such a lot of good quality work on display and most of the participating galleries and artists seemed pleased with the response from the public either through sales, commissions or positive feedback.
Spotted a few Liverpool artists there, Nick Sykes and Tim Ellis who are based at 50 Parr Street had their own stand and seemed to be doing good business.
Of course, its a commercial thing, the exhibitors pay between £600 and £3000+ for a stand, it costs £5 to get in and £4 for a catalog and the cafe does good trade. So some the the art is a bit High Street, ‘chocolate box’ or just plain boring. There was a very small Lowry on sale for £25,000. But I found a lot of the work interesting, enjoyable and certainly technically very accomplished.
Sculptures were relegated to the lobby area where there was more space for them and included pieces like this technological version of Rodin’s The Kiss made entirely out of coloured cables. (I neglected to take the name of the artist)
We should have a Liverpool Art Show (or even an Art In Liverpool show). Anybody want to organise it?


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