Locusts on a Stick – Apocalypse Now at Red Wire

redwire-locusts redwire-zombie

Rupert White - Apocalypse
Rupert White - Apocalypse

Well the Bluecoat had a Magician and a Poet at their Private View but Red Wire had deep-fried locusts on sticks and Zombie cake! They are real locusts, I think some were coated in chocolate and some in honey but my dietary preferences precluded me from tasting them. Actually this food thing was part of a week of food-related events running during last week as part of ‘Taxed‘ organised by the A Foundation.

The exhibition at Red Wire is ‘Apocalypse Now‘ , it ends on August 8 2009 and is worth a visit. There are 12 pieces including a film reel and the artists are from all over the UK and beyond. Red Wire’s reputation continues to grow and their calls for submissions bring in large numbers of entries. The curators, Josh Tennant and Joe McNulty have done a really good job of selecting and displaying the work.

Josh has also created a page on the Red Wire website which gives all the information and more images so I don’t need to say much more except ot repeat that its best to go and see it for yourself if you can.

Artists include; Amos, Govinda Azad, Morgan Beringer, Laura Collinson, Paul Cureton, Coris Evans, Sarah Harbridge, Andrew Hladky, Matthew Kelly, Fiona Long, Michelle Lord, Sam Meech & Pete Bamford, Mark Melvin, Laura Smith, Ronis Vaalam, Rupert White

‘Apocalypse Now’
25 July – 8 August  2009 (Thu – Sun 1pm – 6pm)

Laura Smith - 'For Zombie' and 'Dead Handy' and in front Laura Collinson - 'Hawkiniranasaurinator T-500'
Laura Smith - 'For Zombie' and 'Dead Handy' and in front Laura Collinson - 'Hawkiniranasaurinator T-500'


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