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Local Legacy at LCAD a Success

newyorkliverpoolparty.jpgLocal Legacy a Success
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Image by George Lund
11 December 2007

Artists Jo Derbyshire, Rob Davies and George Lund, associate members to Transvoyeur, have took part in the ‘Local Legacy’ exhibition curated by Peter Worthington. This is currently held at Liverpool Centre of Arts Development in association with the South Bohemia Gallery, which Worthington is the Founder, Director and Curator.

The exhibition opened on 14 November 2007 with the private on the 15 November. The collection of art displayed included a selection of diverse talent from the local arts community in the city of Liverpool and surrounding regions. This has been an ultimate success with artists selling their art to private and public collectors, including Lund and Derbyshire.

Derbyshire’s unique abstract expressionism was bought by the Liverpool Centre of Arts Development itself for their permanent collection.

Davies contributed to the exhibition his take on the iconic of American western cinemagraphics transformed into paint on canvas.

Lund’s vibrant naïve renditions in figurative and abstraction were purchased by Prof. Peter Roberts OBE, part of the Academy for Sustainable Communities, to be displayed in their organisation premises.

Lund has further been commissioned by Liverpool Centre of Arts Development for a series of murals. These are scheduled to commence early 2008 and to tie in the run up to Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. These will be to the external of the company premises and to advocate art in the urban space.

The exhibition continues through to February 2008.

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