Liverpool Streets Ahead 08 – Part 1


I decided to watch the first half of the Streets Ahead evening events last night (Saturday) and watch the rest as it is repeated this evening (Sunday May 25 2008).

Started at 20.00 with the ‘Lantern Band’ playing on the steps in front of the Museum in William Brown St. Silly me, I was expecting to see lanterns but its just a band – good world music though.
Then about 20.45 the ‘pa Boom’ firecrackers are ignited – a very loud short burst – and the ‘Dadadang’ human drum machine emerges from St John’s gardens to make their way slowly up the hill and round to the plateau of St George’s Hall. They are very good, the crowd loved them.

Here the ‘Sarruga – Dracs’ dragons are waiting to do their thing but I left at that point. I’ll return tonight to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, there’s lots happening on the streets and in St Luke’s during the day.

streets-2.jpg streets-3.jpg