Liverpool Jackpots Launched

jackpot-kens.jpgWe were supposed to go on a bus tour of all three of the new Winter Lights installations – ‘Jackpot’ but after spending far too much time standing in the freezing cold wind and rain at our first stop in Kensington, we decided to head home while we were still within walking distance and thaw out.

Its quite good though, different images flash up randomly before settling on a row of 3 ‘Power to the People’ messages. The Kensington one is on the side of a building on the corner of Tunnel Road and Spekeland Road (not at Metal’s place in Marmaduke St).
The other 2 Jackpots are in St Marys Road Garston and Rotunda College, Kirkdale.

Look at a simulation of all three Liverpool Jackpots here

Liverpool Jackpot is a Liverpool Biennial Learning and Inclusion project funded by Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 and developed in collaboration with Rotunda College, Garston Cultural Village and Metal.