Liverpool Hit by Giant Text Virus

visible-virals-1.jpg visible-virals-2.jpg

You may have seen these large white texts painted on walls in the city centre.
I assume they got permission otherwise its just graffiti isn’t it.
You can participate – well, slightly. Details below.

Visible Virals has launched!

For their project titled One Year in Liverpool, part of the Visible Virals project, Stockholm artists collective AAPE are investigating the concept of ‘the average Liverpudlian’ through their life, behaviour and consumer habits. The project takes its basis from statistics, gradually feeding unusual facts into the public realm over the year and inviting people in the city to provide information about themselves. The project will manifest itself in a series of installations that will spread through unexpected locations in the city centre to reveal the bigger picture. AAPE are Amber Morrison, Alexander Kurtlandsky, Peter Genberg and Eric Ericsson.

The project launched in January 2008, and there are now artworks appearing in public places across the city.

Visit the project website here and participate in the project by adding your statistics! You can also check out images of the works on Fickr here