Liverpool Chamber’s Eco Art Winners Announced

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce – News – Liverpool Chamber’s Eco Art Winners Announced.

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce announced the winners of its environmental art competition at the Chamber’s green themed Annual Dinner.

The competition is a celebration of the city’s creativity and Liverpool’s Year of the Environment 2009. The theme was ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’, the three key processes for creating a more sustainable environment.

The first prize winner was designer Ilsa Parry, who featured recently on BBC2’s Design for Life, who submitted a funky light fitting is made up of aluminium swarth. She wins the £500 first prize.

Maresa Molloy, Head of Policy and Information at Liverpool Chamber commented: “We were impressed with the imaginative and innovative green entries and it was a difficult job to pick the winner, however what we liked about Ilsa Parry’s lamp is that it’s taking a waste material which is difficult to recycle and using it to create a new and attractive product.”

Ilsa explained: “Engineers use up tons of aluminium every year in turning metal using lathes. This produces a waste know as swarth. This can be recycled but this uses energy itself and also requires separation which can be difficult when several metal types have been used together. This product represents how one man’s junk can be another man’s treasure simply by changing the context.”

The People’s Choice award was subject to a public vote, with the clear winner Jennifer Hall’s Silly Sock Monsters who wins £250.

These toys were created by Jennifer Hall who is a teacher of design and technology at a boy’s school. She said: “They were designed as a textile project to capture the boy’s imagination. They have been a huge success and have encouraged the pupils to think about objects that they would discard in a new and exciting way. Our future counts on the education of the younger members of society, if we can inspire them now, they will produce a cleaner environment for future generations.”

Pictured: Swarth Light Fitting by Ilsa Parry, Silly Sock Monster by Jennifer Hall