Liverpool Biennial 2010 – Photoblog 1

Just a few of the things we saw as we went round a lot of Biennial venues yesterday. It’s been great so far, so much more to see.
All photos © Minako Jackson

Pil and Galia Kollectiv at the Royal Standard (the garage next door to be more precise) performing WE. They reconstruct pop songs and replace all singulars with plurals. We Want to Hold Your Hand was good.


New work by James Quin, exhibiting with Bernadette O’Toole at the Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station.


Works by various artists in a packed show ‘Twenty Ten’ at the Egg cafe.


Highlight so far is the Caribbean section in CityStates at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre. These works are by Ras Akyem-i Ramsey.


Do not miss this – it’s beautiful and peaceful. Sachiko Abe performing ‘Cut Papers’ all day every day (except Mondays) during the Biennial at A Foundation.


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