Liverpool Art Prize – On the Telly


lap-td.jpgIf you are very quick you can watch the item about tonight’s launch of the Liverpool Art Prize 2008 exhibition online on the BBC Liverpool website (click on watch North West Tonight). Its overwritten each day sadly. I was too busy / knackered to do an interview but curator Tomas Harold, artist Mary Fitzpatrick and prize judge Terry Duffy all spoke well.

It was a fantastic evening, several hundred visitors and a great atmosphere. We really have to thank everybody involved and everybody who came along.
There were short speeches by myself, Phil Redmond, Michael Wake (founder of Novas) and Mary Connolly – the gallery is named after her in honour of all the work she has done for the charity over the years. (Must get loudspeakers next year!)

The winners of the overall prize and people’s choice prize will be announced on Sunday March 9th. Do call into the gallery before then and cast your vote for the People’s Choice prizewinner.